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Pacific Tycoon specialises in shipping container investment.   Our investment enables our clients to earn monthly returns through an investment model in an industry that drives 90% of world trade. Supported by a clear exit strategy throughout, our clients receive their returns on the 23rd of every month.

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Pacific Tycoon’s container investment opportunity is based on two options* of container leasing and ownership. The rental payment you receive is dependent on the option you choose. Much like the rent and earn model on a property investment, your capital is preserved in the physical value of your container, whilst you continue to receive a monthly income from its use –‐ globally.

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Strategically based in Hong Kong, Pacific Tycoon capitalises on the overwhelming strength of China as the largest exporter in the world to ensure our investment opportunity delivers profitable returns. To understand your route to profiling from container Investment and China’s trade strength.

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Container transport facilitates world trade, the largest economic driver to exist –‐ globally. Propelled by an overwhelming demand for cargo transport, the returns are superior to competitor industries –‐ year on year.

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