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Kent Onell’s Pacific Tycoon Story

September 23, 2014 4:23 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Kent Onell decided to lease containers with Pacific Tycoon in 2011. He did so after spending a couple of months researching both the industry and the company before deciding to begin his journey with the purchase of nine containers. Since then, his confidence has increased with his success, leading to the number of containers he and his wife lease with Pacific Tycoon growing to 22 in total.  Since his very first purchase, the passive income model that he has experienced with Pacific Tycoon has been particularly positive. 

Kent admitted that he expected to receive regular calls and correspondence from Pacific Tycoon to try and ‘squeeze more money out’, but was pleasantly surprised that in the months and years since his initial purchase, this simply hasn’t happened. Instead, Kent stated that the correspondence he receives is an insightful and interesting update on the Chinese economy from a professional Pacific Tycoon correspondent.

The regularity of payment has also been a pleasing experience for Kent. Moreover, with his returns averaging between 20-30% every time, and entering into his account "like clockwork", his rewards have been extremely positive. Indeed, his experiences with Pacific Tycoon have made his “decision for future potential investments very easy, and that is going to be with Pacific Tycoon”. 

Kent’s experience highlights the importance of passive income and ease of service to the Pacific Tycoon leasing programme. It is extremely important to us that every one of our clients is as relaxed and comfortable with their experience as possible, as underlined by Kent’s Pacific Tycoon story.

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