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Patrick Thorp’s Pacific Tycoon Story

October 2, 2014 2:17 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

In 2011, Patrick Thorp decided to purchase five containers and lease them back to Pacific Tycoon. Every client is given the choice between a 12% fixed lease and a max rental agreement in which the returns are set at 30% of the net rental income, but variable in nature. Patrick opted for the max rental agreement.

Patrick has been very impressed with the service he has received from Pacific Tycoon. One aspect he highlighted is the “availability and quick reactions of staff” which “gives investors a real peace of mind”. Regularly communicating with our clients and answering any questions they may have is a priority here at Pacific Tycoon to guarantee their satisfaction and continued partnership.

Another facet of the Pacific Tycoon lease which is important to not only Patrick but all of our clients is the punctuality of payment. We are proud of the fact that Patrick has “never received a late payment”. Clients receive an income statement on the 19th of each month and their returns on the 23rd. When you lease containers to Pacific Tycoon, it is your business but we run it for you, therefore we understand that it is imperative for our clients to receive prompt payments and strive to ensure that this is achieved.

The final component of our service which Patrick highlighted as important to his decision to continue leasing with Pacific Tycoon is the fluid exit strategy. Having decided to sell back two of his containers to Pacific Tycoon, Patrick found the process extremely straightforward. Within two days of making his request to sell, the deal was complete and he was happy that he did not have to answer a whole host of questions before the sale was finalised.

The combination of our customer service, punctual payments and a fluid exit strategy has ensured that Patrick is a satisfied customer who thinks that Pacific Tycoon is doing a “commendable job”.

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