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China-Iran Trade Growth at Approximately 40 Percent Per Year

February 24, 2015 12:10 am Published by

According to a Seabury Group study, trade between China and Iran has been growing at approximately 40 percent per year, since 2012. And, if economic sanctions and trade restrictions are lifted in the near future, imports – particularly in the consumer goods and automotive sectors, will begin to flow into the region much more regularly.

China will be the big winner if sanctions to Iran are eased or lifted, further supporting the trend of Mideast and Indian subcontinent pivoting towards Asia-Pacific.- Seabury Director of Maritime

Data in Seabury’s analysis reported that trade growth with the Asia-Pacific region is responsible for most of the additional container traffic in the last 2 years, with westbound trade from Asia to the Middle East and subcontinent expected to overtake Asia-Europe container volumes, within 10 years time.

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