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China’s Silk Road to Boost Trade with the Middle East

June 3, 2015 1:26 pm Published by

The Silk Road is one of the most ambitious infrastructure developments ever commenced and will have a significant impact on the growth of worldwide trade for many years. By improving relations between countries across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, China is driving an unprecedented improvement in economic growth across these regions. 

It represents a series of trade routes that were central to some of the earliest economic relations known to civilization. The routes originally linked the Asian sub-continent with the West, extending 4,000 miles across an extensive transcontinental network.

Also known as the One Belt, One Road project, this plan will see trade routes and paths connect China with much of the Middle East, through Pakistan. This will greatly improve the efficiency of trade of strategically important commodities such as oil between China and a variety of Middle Eastern economies.

Economic relations between China and the Middle East are vital for their development and the Silk Road is an important component for completing these objectives.  To find out more about how this route will help drive future growth, read the full report here


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