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China’s Global Investment Drives Infrastructure Development

July 8, 2015 7:18 am Published by

Throughout history, global commercial empires have been built on trade connections, the development of infrastructure and the strengthening of economic relations with trading partners. As the Dragon Economy continues to rise, it has extended its focus from developing its internal infrastructure to creating the conditions that allow for the expansion of trade and the creation of wealth around the world. Over the long-term, the improvements in trade capabilities will boost Chinese imports and exports resulting in a wealthier China and greater need for the shipping container industry.

China has supported growth and development across a range of countries and continents including:

Africa: China is set to invest into transport capabilities that will connect all 54 countries within the African Union.

South America: President Xi of China has pledged $250 billion of funds to be invested into the region over the next ten years.

Asia, the Middle East and Europe: China has invested billions into road, rail, pipeline and sea-based infrastructure to facilitate the transportation of a wide range of goods and products across these three continents.

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