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China and Brazil - Big Deal & Shipping Investments

Increasing Deals Between China and Brazil

September 22, 2015 8:40 pm Published by

China is the world's most populous country and a nation characterized by its rising economic power. As the world's fastest-growing economy, China is now undergoing a second industrial revolution, and targeting emerging countries to foster greater international relations. Among these is Brazil & a rising nation whose middle class is benefiting from strong wage growth and effective economic reforms.

The relationship between China and Brazil is going from strength to strength. The increasing volume of trade between both economies is representative of China’s economic expansion and the opportunities on offer in Brazil.  Benefitting from increased trade and deals, a range of sectors, including the shipping industry, have continued to profit considerably.

South America’s largest economy is now recognised as a land of opportunity for many investors. Aware of the impact that trade with Brazil can have on its economy, China recently expressed its plan to invest $50bn in a series of trade and investment deals. Brazilian President, Dilma Rousseff hopes that Chinese capital will help support the country’s infrastructure development as it prepares to host South America’s first ever Olympic Games in 2016.

Recognizing their growing potential as trade partners, both nations are cooperating on key international issues in order to improve the fluidity of imports and exports worldwide.

The last edition of the Big Deal report will analyze the trading relationship between China and Brazil, by identifying the key benefits and opportunities of their growing partnership.

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