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Maersk Line Successfully Implements a Cost-Saving Lifestyle

September 29, 2015 12:10 am Published by

Despite financial challenges in the sector, Maersk Line has remained the world’s leading shipping line because of its "superior cost structure."

Maersk's superior performance is largely due to their superior cost structure and that can be attributed to several key factors, including an expansive global network, control of key hub ports, economies of scale and size with the deployment of some of the most efficient ships in each trade lane they operate in.- Analyst at Consultancy Alphaliner

According to analysts, Maersk's success has come from scrutinizing the way the company operates, from the way they sail ships to how they contract terminal services. Many important decisions have been made, that have resulted in the implementation of a cost-saving corporate lifestyle.

There's no one single recipe on how to save costs. It's systemic behavioural change to address every single cost element in your organisation.- CEO of Maersk Line North-Asia

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