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The Fremantle Port Expansion Project

November 6, 2015 12:14 pm Published by

The Port of Fremantle plays an important role in the economy of Western Australia. As the region’s largest and busiest general cargo port, the institution’s inner and outer harbours handle around 91% of the State’s sea imports as well as 30% of its exports. The value of this trade is estimated to be (Aus) $12 billion a year.

Fremantle Port has been named as an economic catalyst and one of Western Australia’s significant sources of employment and revenue. This is attributed to the high volumes of general cargoes (including containers) handled by the facility. Of Australia’s five major ports, Fremantle is the closest to Europe and is very often the first or last port of call for global shipping lines operating between Australia and overseas destinations.

To keep up with growing volumes in international, domestic and landbridge (overseas cargoes ultimately bound for other states) trade, the Port of Fremantle has had to cultivate a Port Development Plan. By establishing this initiative, it is hoped that the port can ensure its facilities progress and adapt in conjunction with the demand for trade.

Port officials have concluded that there will be continuing growth in the volume of containers passing through Fremantle by 2030. These predictions suggest a volume of around 750,000 TEUs by the end of this period.

To support this expected surge, the relevant authorities have set about a new expansion project in order to maintain the port’s positioning as an essential international base.

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