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China Strengthens Its Relations With The UK

December 18, 2015 10:32 am Published by

In October this year, Chinese President Xi Jingping visited Britain as part of an official state visit to further strengthen the Sino-UK relationship. Trade and investment dominated talks, with British Prime Minister David Cameron pledging that the total value of trade and investment deals announced will amount to around £40 billion. China is leading magnet for hundreds of billions of dollars in capital investment from overseas investors and sovereign funds.

Xi Jingping’s recent visit will increase British-based investment into China through targeted initiatives that support the Dragon Economy’s transition into the world’s leading trade power.

On the back of Xi Jingping’s recent state visit, Sino-British trade relations are projected to grow expand significantly. Total imports from China are forecast to reach £3 trillion by 2020. Similarly, British exports to China are on track to be worth over £30 billion in the next five years.

The British Government is optimistic, however, the exports to China could be worth £46 billion by 2020. Given the distance between both nations, container ships will be a key facilitator of trade between the UK and China. 

China and Britain share a strong bilateral relationship built on trust, cooperation and mutual trade interests. This edition of China.Action.Money explains will analyse the significance of Xi Jingping’s state visit to the UK in boosting trade and supporting China’s latter stages of economic modernisation.

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