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2016 and the Mega-Ship

February 2, 2016 11:31 am Published by

Large-scale infrastructure projects and major port developments have defined 2015, and expansions of this significance are likely to continue into the New Year. These worldwide developments and improvements are in preparation for the burgeoning number of mega-ships set to be sailing the world’s trade routes in 2016, as more shipping lines require larger vessels to transport higher volumes of cargo. The 2015 order book was mostly dominated by orders for vessels ranging from 1,000-1,999 TEU in size, which received orders for 29 units in total. However, the second most in demand vessel size was the 19,000-19,999 TEU range – a variety of mega-ship that received 25 new orders last year. In order to accommodate these much larger container vessels, maritime institutions across the globe are working to adjust the capacity of their ports and channels.

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