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China-EU Trade Prospects : Container Investing

China-EU Trade Prospects

May 20, 2016 2:20 pm Published by

Throughout modern history, Europe has been the traditional centre of trade, commerce and business activity. The European Union (EU) has enhanced the continent’s position in the world by creating a free-trade zone for its 28 member states. Accommodating a 500 million strong consumer-driven market, the EU presents significant trade opportunities for exporting nations. One nation which has taken full-advantage of the EU trade potential is China. The unprecedented pace and scale of its industrialisation over the past 30 years has made it an economic powerhouse of the modern world.

The European and Chinese economies are complementary in nature. The purchasing power of the Chinese consumer is increasing, as is the appetitive of the country’s growing middle-class for luxury goods produced in EU countries such as Italy, France and Germany. At the same time, China has become a significant source of manufactured imports for the European economy. This edition of China. Action. Money discusses the future trade prospects between China and the EU, and how this relationship will boost global container trade.

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