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STS Cranes Scheduled For Delivery to Isla Grande Terminal

March 3, 2017 12:05 am Published by

Three new ship-to-shore container cranes have been built in Ireland and are scheduled to be delivered to Crowley Puerto Rico Services’ Isla Grande Terminal in San Juan.

Our new terminal infrastructure will help us enhance Puerto Rico as a shipping and logistics hub for the Caribbean Basin and beyond, and open up many new opportunities for our customers.- Senior Vice President and General Manager, Crowley Puerto Rico

The cranes will each have a capacity of 65 long tons and measure approximately 65 metres tall, with an outreach of 40 meters. They will bring the best-possible container-handling technology.

Crowley is investing more than $130 million of the $550 million total project cost in infrastructure improvements to its Isla Grande terminal, including a new pier, cranes, container staging areas, reefer plugs, truck gates, container handling equipment and more.

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