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Globalisation Has Had a Positive Impact on Chittagong Port

March 13, 2017 12:05 am Published by

With the adoption of a policy of deregulation in the 1980’s, and open market economic policy in the 1990’s, trade growth in Bangladesh has accelerated. Globalisation, deregulation, logistics integration, and containerisation have all had a positive impact on Bangladesh; in particular the Chittagong Port.

In Bangladesh, both export and import and regional trade are handled through two major seaports – Chittagong Port and Mongla Port, ten land ports, and three international airports. According to reports, the seaports accommodated 87 percent of Bangladesh’s trade. In 2016, Chittagong Port handled 2.346 million TEUs, a rise over 2015's 2.024 million TEUs. The average size container vessel hosted at the Chittagong port was 2500 TEUs to 3000 TEUs.

By facilitating international trade, Chittagong Port (CP) continues to play an important role in revitalising the economy, and in sustaining economic growth. The bulk of international trade is generated from the Dhaka-Chittagong corridor where more than a third of the country’s economic activity is situated.

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