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World Bank: Bangladesh Must Make Container Port Investments

May 1, 2017 12:05 am Published by

According to a World Bank report, Bangladesh and its South Asian neighbors can grab a bigger share of international trade and create more jobs, if they make investments into their container ports.

As China is shifting out of labor-intensive sectors such as apparel, Bangladesh has the potential to capture a growing share of the global market. And improving the performance of Bangladesh’s container ports is a key step toward increasing trade and creating new jobs for the country’s growing labor force.- World Bank Country Director for Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal

Albeit Bangladesh and South Asia have had impressive economic growth in the last two decades, the new report Competitiveness of South Asia’s Container Ports shows inefficiencies in the region’s ports that threaten to hinder progress and stop it from matching other regions, like East Asia.

While container ports in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka have achieved relatively higher levels of operational and economic performance through reforms and private investment, Bangladesh remains the only country on the Indian subcontinent where the private sector does not play a meaningful role in the container port sector.

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