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In Next Decade Containers Could Be Hauled By Robotic Ships

June 12, 2017 12:05 am Published by

Within the next decade, millions of containers could be hauled by robotic shipping vessels. According to the Economist, fully robotic cargo ships could be faster, safer, and ultimately cheaper to run than a crewed ship.
In Japan a consortium of shipbuilders and freight companies are partnering to build technology that will enable new ships to chart their own courses, as soon as 2025. According to reports, an on-board artificial intelligence will gather data from sensors and external sources to monitor things like weather conditions and ocean traffic, in order to constantly plot the safest and most efficient shipping route.
All new projects are based at least partially upon a vision outlined by Rolls-Royce in 2016. The British engineering firm predicts a future in which cargo ships will sail the seas without a single crew member aboard. It predicts that a totally crewless ocean-going cargo ship could be sailing by 2035.

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