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Balance Between Container Shipping Supply And Demand in 2019

July 5, 2017 12:05 am Published by

Largely held responsible for years of heavy losses, overcapacity could be under control within the next two years. 

If scrapping continues at the rate that it is today, there are no new orders and slow-steaming continues, there will be a balance between supply and demand in 2019.- SeaIntelligence Consulting Partner and Chief Executive

There are challenges  that carriers will have to overcome for a structural balance between supply and demand to return to the container shipping industry. Currently the industry is experiencing 12 to 14 percent overcapacity.

Some analysts believe that container shipping will experience overcapacity through to 2019, but also predict there will be an improvement in demand. As well, the industry will see a slowdown in scrapping from its current very high level.

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