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shipping containers at port in australia

Australian Ports Can Increase Economic Activity And Jobs

October 3, 2017 12:05 am Published by

Loosening shipping regulations at berths such as the Port of Townsville could rejuvenate regional economies. According to Ports Australia, the ability of international ships to move easily between Australian ports would result in increased economic activity and jobs, which would rebuild regional and rural centres.

At the moment, maritime freight that does arrive at the Port of Townsville is mostly chartered bulk shipments of cement and fertiliser. If the system was changed in such a manner that encouraged more international shipping, products such as consumer goods could be shipped to the port. Moreover, opening ports to more shipping would lower the price of goods and spur competition.

According to industry analysts, any positive change in Australia’s shipping policy would result in significantly more port calls in regional centres, bringing more jobs and increasing business opportunities.

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