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Kansas City Southern Railroad will develop inter-modal rail yard

February 12, 2018 12:05 am Published by

City officials have been working for several years with the Kansas City Southern Railroad to develop an inter-modal rail yard for the off-loading of cargo containers, which could then be shipped by truck throughout the Midwest.

This development, with an anticipated $500 million investment, will have a major impact on the entire Midwest economy and the country’s logistics and commerce industries. It will also bring an approximate 1,000 jobs to the area immediately, with another 1,000 or more following in the next several years. – Executive Director, Jerseyville Economic Development Council

Studies for the development of other area logistics parks noted that shipping cargo containers to a Midwest location, then offloading for local distribution rather than offloading and shipping from West- or East Coast ports, could save hundreds of dollars per container in shipping costs.

In addition to off-loading rail cars, the facility would form a “logistics park” that could include warehousing and manufacturing, according to previously-made statements about the project.

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