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* The Maximised Rental Agreement is not available for citizens or residents of Australia


Investing in containers with Pacific Tycoon is much like having your own business but one we operate for you on a day-to-day basis. The process is simple, we lease one or more of your containers and rent them to the shipping industry.

The container generates a rental income from the thousands of businesses that need to use your container for their global transport needs.

From this rental income, Pacific Tycoon pays you the container owner a monthly rental income. This rental income supplies you the container owner with your returns.

Leasing containers with Pacific Tycoon provides control over the investment and regular returns that are reinforced with a secure exit strategy. This method of capital preservation operates in a similar fashion to the rent and earn model that exists in a property investment. The physical value of the house retains the capital outlay, whilst the rental income generated supplies the owner with his/her returns.


The containers are owned by the investors, who in turn lease them to Pacific Tycoon Ltd. We manage this process for you, rent these containers out to the shipping industry – supporting a wider 90% of world trade. This level of global trade, ensures the demand for containers is acute and sustained, significantly outweighing the supply and subsequently ensuring a robust and fluid exit strategy.

The accrued net rental income provides returns that are paid in to your account on the 23rd of every month – either on a quarterly or monthly basis. This payment system provides a regular earned income to investors around the world, see returns led feedback from our client base here.