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Glossary of terms for phrases beginning with “D”


Delivery Duty Paid.

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Delivery Duty Unpaid.

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(1) The physical and legal transfer of a shipment from consignor to carrier and from carrier/ transport agent to consignee.

(2) The act of putting property into the legal possession of another, whether involving the actual transfer of the physical control of the object from one to the other or being constructively effected in various other ways.

Delivery Order

An order from the consignee, shipper or owner of freight to a terminal operator, carrier or warehouse to deliver freight to another party. On imports, it may also be known as a pier release.

A document which is neither a bill of lading or a waybill but contains an undertaking which

(1) is given under or for the purposes of a contract for the carriage by sea of goods to which the document relates, or of goods which include those goods; and

(2) is an undertaking by the carrier to a person identified in the document to deliver those goods to that person which the document relates.

Delivery orders are capable of transferring contractual rights by way of endorsements, but they are not necessarily documents of title in the sense of being able to pass constructive possession.

Demand Chain

Another name for supply chain, with emphasis on the customer or party controlling demand.


Delivery Ex Quay.

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Delivered Ex Ship.

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Amount added or deducted from base rate to create a rate to or from some other point or via another route.


The full range of activities and planning required to move a product from the production line to the end-user.

Distribution Requirements Planning

A system of determining demand for an inventory at distribution centres, consolidating the demand information backwards, and acting as input to the production and material system.

Diversion Charge

Fee for diverting cargo from original intended destination port to a new location.

Dock Receipt

Receipt given for a shipment received or delivered at a pier or dock. When delivery of a foreign shipment is completed, the dock receipt is exchanged for a bill of lading with the transportation line.

Double Stack Car

Rail car capable of carrying two containers stacked on top of each other.


Marine: The depth to which a vessel's deepest point is under water. Rail: A cut of coupled cars. Financial: A signed, written order by one party that instructs another party to pay a third party a specific amount. It can also be called a bill of exchange.


99% refund of imported or duty paid materials which are to be re-exported.


Inland transportation from vendors to the port of shipment, and from discharge port to the point of stripping the ocean container. Drayage is hence undertaken for CY and CFS cargo.

Dry Dock

Used to lay up vessels for repair.


Material used around cargo to prevent breakage or shifting, normally provided by shipper. Its weight is included in the rating.

Duty Drawback

(1) Payment returned for cargo re-exported or trade show material.

(2) A customs refund on re-exported cargo.