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Glossary of terms for phrases beginning with “G”

Gantry Crane

Port crane used to load and discharge containers from vessels, can be positioned by moving along rail tracks.


Shipping: Point at which freight moving from one territory to another is interchanged between transportation lines.

Computers: Computers, like bridges and routers, are a method of connecting two local area networks. Gateways translate between two LAN protocols.

Gateways: are protocol-specific and can only translate between two types of networks, not directly to PCs.


General Rate Increase

General Average

General Average is defined in the York-Antwerp rules as: There is a General Average act when, and only when, any extraordinary sacrifice expenditure is intentionally and reasonably made or incurred for the common safety for the purpose of preserving from peril the property involved in a common maritime adventure. When a cargo ship encounte a serious accident at sea, e.g. a grounding, the vessel owners may ha to incur additional costs to salvage the ship and its cargo, and may resort to declaring General Average.

General Average requires that all parties with an interest in saving ship, the cargo, etc. share proportionately the cost of saving the common adventure . This means that cargo owners would be responsible a proportion of the costs equal to the proportion of the value of the cargo to the common adventure. General Average is applied according to an internationally acknowledged set of rules, the York-Antwerp rules.