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Glossary of terms for phrases beginning with “M”


Entire listing of all cargo on board a vessel as required by the relevant local authorities e.g. customs.

Same as cargo manifest.

Marks and Numbers

The identifying details on or of a package or the actual markings that appear on the packages.

Materials Management

The procurement, movement and management of materials and products from acquisition through to production.

Mixed Shipment

Shipment consisting of items described in and rated under two or more rate items within a tariff.


An abbreviation for Mini Land Bridge Containers moving from a foreign country by vessel, and then sent to an inland point in the U.S. or elsewhere by land transportation (rail or truck). See also Land Bridge.

Mother Vessel

Main ocean vessel in a liner service designated to move containers from set origin points to set destination ports/points on a regular basis.

MSI Plessey

This barcode is a variable length barcode that can encode up to 15 numeric digits. Checksum generation is dependent on the value of the checksum parameter. The following table indicates the value of the checksum property and the type of checksum created. Setting, Description, 0, one modulus 10 checksum, 1, two modulus 10 checksums, 2, one modulus 11 checksum/one modulus 10 checksum.


Metric Ton.

1 MT = 2,204.62lbs or 35.314 cft.