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Glossary of terms for phrases beginning with “T”

Tare Weight

Weight of an empty container. Gross weight = net weight + tare weight.


List of published rates, rules and regulations applicable to the transportation of goods in specified trade lanes or between two areas.


Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit

A measure of container capacity still used by some institutions

1 FFE = 2 TEU

Third Party Providers

Companies that can be employed (hired) to assume tasks that were previously performed in-house by the client.

Through Rates

A rate applicable from point of origin to destination. A through rate may be either a joint rate or a combination of two or more rates.

TIR Carnet

A document which can be issued to ease border crossings in Europe. Customs at a European location places a seal on a container and issues the TIR Carnet. The document and seal allow the container to cross borders without inspection to the consignee's door, where destination customs will then inspect the cargo.

To order of Shipper

The shipper, by way of endorsement and passing of the document, allows a transfer of the rights to take delivery of the goods in the document e.g. a bill of lading.


Trailer on Flat Car Rail

Service in which a container is loaded on a rail car with chassis, bogies or wheels.


Terms of Sale (i.e. FOB/CIF/FAS).

Total Average Inventory

(1) The sum of average order quantity (one half of order quantity) plus safety stock. Safety stock is the amount on hand after the arrival of the order.

(2) Also, the average normal use stock plus the average lead stock plus safety stock.

Total Cost of Distribution

The sum of purchasing, transportation and storage costs in the movement of finished products through the post production channel.

Total Quality Management

An approach to business management that focuses on quality and typically has: a strong customer orientation, total involvement, measurement systems, systematic support and continuous improvement.


A request on a transportation line to trace a shipment for the purpose of expediting its movement or establishing delivery. Common usage of this term has been simplified to mean any request for status of a shipment.


Transfer of containers from one vessel to another vessel. Synonymous with Transshipments.

Transmittal Letter

List of the particulars of the shipment and a record of the documents being transmitted, together with instructions for the disposition of documents.


Terminal Receiving Charge

Charge assessed by the terminal for cargo being delivered for export.