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I am very happy with my income returns and Pacific Tycoon always delivers my payments on time. The team continues to provide great customer service, so my experience could encourage me to reinvest in containers in the future. I would certainly recommend them to my friends as I've continued to have a really good experience with this investment. This is one of my best performing assets and I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication to my investments.
Roberto Lagrange, Feb 2016
Pacific Tycoon has proven to be a highly efficient, easy to work with and secure company. I highly recommend them. Payments are received on the due date every month, without fail, and with a significant return on the original investment, which puts most other markets to shame. My only regret is not having discovered Pacific Tycoon a few years earlier.
Craig Black, Feb 2016
I have had nothing but a friendly and helpful service from everyone at Pacific Tycoon. Based on my experience so far, I will be continuing my journey with Pacific Tycoon and will certainly recommend them to others. Thanks team!
Paul Sheldrick, Feb 2016
I am very satisfied with my returns from Pacific Tycoon. My returns have been averaging at 23.5% over the past 6 months, with which I am very happy as I understand that returns will vary due to contractual changes negotiated by management and the customer. These reassuring results, alongside the fantastic customer service provided, means that I am likely to consider reinvesting in containers in the near future.
Mr Nick Agnew, Feb 2016
My experience with Pacific Tycoon is going very well. I would certainly recommend this service to friends – in fact, I would love it if there was to be an easier way for me to suggest them to other investors. My investment has brought me strong returns and I have never had a late payment.
Mr Martin Mansfield, Feb 2016
I am totally satisfied with my service at Pacific Tycoon. The returns are excellent, I don't think you could beat them! The Pacific Tycoon team always maintains a professional and helpful manner and I receive all of my payments on time – a great investment experience!
Mr Benny Karpala, Feb 2016
My name is Kent Onell. After doing a couple of months research and background check on Pacific Tycoon I decided to invest in containers and leasing them to Pacific Tycoon. This was back in September 2011 and initially I purchased 9 containers. That number has grown; to date me and my wife lease a total of 22 containers to Pacific Tycoon.

Doing business with this kind of company I have say that I at some point expected Pacific Tycoon to try and squeeze more money out of me and investing more... the months, and years for that matter, passed and that type of call never came. I have been approximately on a monthly to six week basis contacted by a representative from PT for a professional status update mainly regarding the growth in China.

The payments have been dropping into the account like clockwork from the very first payment and have been ranging from 20-30 %. This making my decision for future potential investments very easy, and that is going to be with Pacific Tycoon.
Kent Onell, Nov 2013
My experience has shown that Pacific Tycoon will go out of their way to provide good customer service, especially when it comes to the payment of my monthly rental income. These payments are consistently delivered on time.
Daniel Van Niekerk, Feb 2016
Having been with Pacific Tycoon for two years, I couldn't be happier with the returns and client service offered by the company. My monthly returns are always paid to me on time and any questions or concerns that I raise are promptly addressed. I have already purchased more containers since my first order and will continue to invest with Pacific Tycoon in the future.
Robert Tseng, Feb 2016
Ever since I first started investing in containers and dealing with the people from Pacific Tycoon, I have never had a single bad experience. From the beginning, the staff were always very professional and helpful. They make sure that all relevant information is passed on promptly, so I never have to worry about anything. Pacific Tycoon provide valuable market tips and information, so I can confidently base my decisions on this collateral and rest assured that I have done the right thing. Payments are also prompt, they have not missed a day in over a year and half, which is how long I have been with them. Overall, based on my experience, if anyone looks for a great investment opportunity and needs a trustworthy management team who help you through the processes, I can highly recommend Pacific Tycoon. I have done so already, and I am glad that some of my colleagues and friends took my advice, and others are considering it. I hope that my partnership with Pacific Tycoon will continue, with mutual satisfaction.
Dragan Kostic, Feb 2016
I wish to express my satisfaction with all of my dealings with yourself and Pacific Tycoon. Having invested in containers I have consistently recieved my income regulary and on time each month which has averaged 21.07%.

Recently I wished to sell some of my containers, this was dealt with in a swift manner, I recieved the funds within 10 days at the agreed buy back rate as per my contract. I still have containers as I am satisfied with this investment, I find it a useful passive income which is proving to be a good return on capital invested.

I have always recieved a professional service since my initial investment. I am a satisfied customer.
David Waterhouse-Taylor, Nov 2013
I have received a great service from Pacific Tycoon so far. Since my decision to invest in containers with them, I have received excellent income returns on a regular basis. Pacific Tycoon's consistent communications also keep me up-to-date with my returns as well as important industry news.
Mr Fred Benney, Feb 2016

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