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* The Maximised Rental Agreement is not available for citizens or residents of Australia

Your container leasing with Pacific Tycoon

Our offer pays container owners a monthly return, preserving capital outlay throughout.
The process is simple and defined by 2 options...

Get Started

three ways to source your container

  1. By yourself
  2. From a manufacturer
  3. Or we can help you do it

You need $4100 USD to get started. This gives you ownership of one container that we rent out to cargo transporters and traders. You lease the container to us and we sublease it to the industry.

2 Options

There are 2 options available to you, the rate of return on your outlay is dependant on the option you choose:

  1. 12% Fixed Lease
  2. Maximised Rental Agreement

Whatever option you choose, your container belongs to you and is insured on land and sea

12% Fixed Lease

We pay a fixed rent equal to 12% of the container purchase price per annum.

Max Rental Agreement

We rent the containers to cargo transporters with urgent demands due to lack of container availabilty. Returns to the container owner are set at 30% of the net rental income, but variable in nature.

Paid Monthly

Both options deliver returns, paid to you on the 23rd of every month
Much like the rent and earn model on a property investment, your capital is preserved in the physical value of your container whilst you generate monthly returns.

Your Container Leasing Returns

Summary of risk-return trade-off between different asset classes

Source: global financial data, 2012
*Average annual return over the state time period.